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Road To Nowhere — Ventnor Residents Facing More Travel Turmoil

Residents of Ventnor are facing more travel upheaval this month following the announcement of another road closure.

From next Monday (June 24) there is a road closure at The Graben (Newport Road).

Buses to and from Ventnor will be affected and there will be a Shuttle bus operating for Upper Ventnor until the works finish See the Timetable 


  • Buses operating in both directions will turn in Upper Ventnor (waiting time at Island Free School) and will not serve Ventnor
  • Customers in Upper Ventnor - buses will only serve the Island Free School stop towards Newport / Ryde - the stops at York Road and Steephill Down Road will not be served
  • Customers from Newport to Ventnor or vice-versa should use either the Route 3X shuttle bus or Route 6 See the Timetable 
  • Customers from Ventnor to other destinations should either use the Route 3X shuttle bus and change at Rookley Village Green onto Route 3 to Wroxall / Shanklin / Sandown, or consider travelling via Newport to reach Sandown / Ryde as your journey may be quicker as a result
  • Customers travelling to Ventnor from Ryde / Sandown should consider travelling via Newport as your journey may be quicker as a result; otherwise customers travelling to Ventnor from Ryde / Sandown / Shanklin / Wroxall / Upper Ventnor can use Route 2 / 3 to travel to Godshill and change buses at Godshill School, making the short walk to Jubilee Close for the Route 3X shuttle service to Ventnor.   
  • Tap on Tap off will not be able to be used on Route 3X shuttle buses


  • The 1355 journey from Newport to Godshill on Mondays to Saturdays will terminate in Whitwell and will not serve the stops between Whitwell and Godshill


  • Buses will be diverted and will not serve certain parts of route:
    • Morning journeys towards Yarmouth will operate normal route and timings to Donkey Sanctuary, then operate to Wroxall, turn at Station Road, then operate diversion via Godshill to Whitwell to rejoin normal route and timings there.  Stops in Upper Ventnor, Ventnor and stops between Ventnor and Whitwell will not be served. 
    • Afternoon journeys towards Sandown/Ryde will operate normal route and timings to Blackgang Chine, then operate diversion via Chale / Rookley / Godshill to rejoin normal route and timings at Whiteley Bank.  Stops in Niton, Whitwell, Ventnor, Upper Ventnor, Wroxall and Donkey Sanctuary will not be served.


  • Route 63 will operate from and to Upper Ventnor.  Students who usually catch this bus in the mornings from Lower Ventnor will need to catch the Route 3X shuttle and change buses in Newport Bus Station.  In the afternoon, students for Lower Ventnor will need to get to Newport Bus Station either on Route 63 or on foot to catch Route 6 at 1545 from there, as there is no Route 3X shuttle at this time.
  • Route 200 (school term ticket holders only) will extend from and to Lower Ventnor to collect any Route 202 students (see Route 202 below).  Students who use the Whitwell Chapel stop should board at Whitwell Church.
  • Route 202 (school term ticket holders only) will operate as far as Upper Ventnor where it will turn, and continue straight to Carisbrooke College and Christ the King.  Students from Lower Ventnor should board Route 200 that will start from Trinity Church at 0728, then Ventnor Boots 0730 and Whitwell Church 0740 where it will continue its normal route to Carisbrooke College and Christ the King.  The afternoon bus will operate the reverse of the morning journey.
  • Route 212 (school term ticket holders only) - the morning journey will start at Ventnor Boots at 0724, then Trinity Church 0726, then Whitwell Church 0736, then Niton at the usual time of 0741 but at Rectory Road not Church Street, then operate via a diversion (Chale, Rookley, Godshill) to The Bay CE School, Sandown.  Students from Upper Ventnor and Wroxall will be picked up by a separate Route 212  vehicle at normal times.   In the afternoon, there will be 2 vehicles at the school - one vehicle will follow the reverse of the journey described to Ventnor, and the other will serve Upper Ventnor / Wroxall only.
  • Route 214 (school term ticket holders only)  - the morning journey will start from Whitwell Church at 0735, then Niton Rectory Road at 0740, then it will operate via a diversion (Chale, Rookley, Godshill) to Island Free School.  Bierley / Kingates will not be served - students should use stops in Niton instead.  In the afternoon, the journey will divert from Island Free School via Godshill to Whitwell, then drop off as reverse of above morning journey.
  • Routes 71, 72, 73 and 215 serving Island Free School are unaffected by the closure
  • School students attending Wroxall Primary School who would usually use Route 3 - a special shuttle will operate to the timetable below:

Mon- Fri - AM journey

Ventnor Trinity Church 0715
Ventnor Boots 0720
Whitwell Church 0730
Niton Rectory Road 0735
Chale Green 0745
Rookley Village Green 0755
Godshill Hollies 0800
Wroxall Church 0805
(also to Upper Ventnor on request)

Mon - Fri - PM journey

Wroxall Church 1515
Godshill Griffin 1520
Whitwell Chapel 1535
Ventnor Trinity Church 1545
Ventnor Boots 1550

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