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Magazine, Phone And Government Scam Warnings Issued For Isle Of Wight

The latest scam warnings have been issued for the Isle of Wight.

Plenty of scams are doing the rounds at the minute so please be wary when faced with any unsolicited contact whether on the phone, through social media, emails or at the door.

Here are a few that have been reported to Trading Standards: 

  • Be wary when ordering from magazines and catalogues selling products aimed at older or more vulnerable residents.

    One resident has reported that he recently ordered some medical supplies from one of these companies and in turn his information was passed to a 3rd party who have signed him up for a subscription to a rewards company.

    They offered him a magazine and didn’t tell him that this would cost him £19.99 monthly! Luckily his bank intercepted the payment and cancelled his card.
  • Companies that contact you to try to refund money you may have “lost” years ago will only want your bank details for one thing – to take money from it not pay a refund in – DON’T engage with these companies and NEVER give out your bank details over the phone
  • Reports come in regularly around Government grants for renewable energy, this could be phone calls out of the blue, leaflets through the door or somebody visiting you.

    Be very wary around any claims made, always do your own research and find a company that is trustworthy if you decide to go ahead
  • Phone scam advising that you have booked train tickets and if this wasn’t you press 1.

    DON’T engage with this – hang up straight away
  • Over the past couple of weeks we have seen reports of TV Licensing vans and officers around the Island. Residents have received very genuine looking information advising that they don’t have a TV license.

    If you are concerned that you don’t have a valid licence  do your own research, Check online
  • Lots of people have reported phone calls from scammers purporting to be health care workers or social workers trying to get residents to sign up for a “free” Medical Pendant.

    These items will never be free, its likely they wont work properly, you wont be any safer and money will be deducted from your bank account.

    If you or a relative would benefit from a personal care alarm then do your own research and find a reliable or local company that can provide this.

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